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Sunday, April 02, 2006

New Set of Wheels. Four of 'em. No motor.

It's been a long time since I've posted.

Thanks for all the emails expressing concern.

December through March were pretty good scootering months--I commuted daily on the Super 9--but an ongoing health issue finally took its toll and I'm going to be using a wheelchair for a while. I hope to be out of it eventually but right now, that's my life. Because of that, I'm commuting in my Jeep so I can haul the wheelchair to work. I'm ambulatory for short distances, so it's not all bad.

After months of simple, low-cost riding, it's hard to go back to 18mpg. And while the 20 degree commutes at night were a bit chilly, they were always fun.

The GS sits where I last parked it after teaching an MSF class.

For a long time I told myself that if I ever had to give up riding, that it would be okay. And for the past few weeks, I've done well--I've pushed it to the back of my mind. But today was tough; I really wanted to ride the GS, and I dreaded shoving dollar after dollar into the tank of the Jeep after spending $2 for a week's worth of commuting and errands.

I'll try to keep things updated, but for now, my focus is on healing. Perhaps this will be the only hybrid scooter-wheelchair blog. Talk about a niche market...but if you've ever wondered what it would be like to transition to a wheelchair, maybe this will be entertaining for you.

More soon.

Ride safe, everyone.