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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

India beckons

Indushealth - one of the places you can visit to find out about getting fixed up elsewhere.

A quick Google of Medical Tourism reveals a growing trend for Americans to seek medical help in other countries.

Locally, an uninsured blue-collar worker needed a heart procedure. Duke University said they'd do it for $200,000.00 He had it done in an Indian hospital--including airfare and a bit of tourism--for $10,000.

There are hip resurfacing treatments available using european components, American and UK-trained surgeons, in hospitals licensed by US and UK universities, that are not done here because there hasn't been FDA approval.

THR--hip replacement--isn't really an option for me because I'm young and will destroy the hardware quickly, leaving me without prosthetic options in as little as 10 years. Resurfacing would take care of some of the problems I'm having. This stuff I have is progressing. I'm not getting better. That, we know, is NOT going to change. There are other complications but to be mobile would certainly help with my state of mind. I don't mind the wheelchair--it has been a wonderful tool to get me moving around and I've been virtually pain-free especially at night when it's typically the worst--what I hate is the uncertainty every day. My surgeon said they'd fuse me in a reclining position. Is this the hammer/nail solution that doesn't consider the options possible in India and Canada?

I don't own a lot. But I'm thinking hard about selling what I do have and going to India.

Besides, it would be way cool to do some scootering there.

Last thing my rheumo told me was to look for full-time employment that I could do disabled--pitch my current career and just deal with things from that perspective: I need a job that provides health care. I suppose, as I have thought that "things will get better" that perhaps I need to take off the rose-colored glasses and come up with a plan.

For today, it's PT and getting my head back into the game of getting control back of my body and my life.