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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

first plug check - break-in update

This wasn't a proper plug chop--I just pulled the plug to get a look-see.

430 miles--about 315 miles on the Pinasco 177 kit, all but 5 of them by me. Idles well, no hiccups in acceleration, haven't gone for flat-out top speed. No hiccups at steady throttle other than the usual flat spot around 40.

If my 24G carb is stock (and I believe it is), according to SIP, and from what I know from the PO, the bike has the 120 air corrector, BE4 mixer, 110 main, and a 50/100 idle. That's the stock setup for a 24G, but the PO eased down to a 110 from a couple larger mains to be on the safe side.

I'm running a B8ES plug and altitude around here is 400-500 ASL.

Ran Bel-Ray semi-synthetic in the reservoir and about 1% in the tank up until last tank (didn't want to go too lean so I'm not adding any to the tank), and now I'm on just the Bel-Ray autolube. I plan on going to synthetic at next fillup.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Morning ride through the countryside

Local cafe. Didn't check prices. Got a Gatorade at a convenience store.

The Dowco rollbag works beautifully on the Stella, too. Just use one of the extra velcro straps to secure it to the seat strap so that it doesn't roll backwards onto the tail light. DAMHIK

About 70 miles or so were added to the odometer by the time we got back from our biscuit breakfast, and the Stella performed flawlessly. Even with 70mph available, it was great to just plonk along at 45-50 and enjoy the scenery.

The Super9 was a great bike to ride with--easily held 40-43mph all day long and handled some steep hills quite well--even one that dropped me to 3rd gear.