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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Scooter Tie Down strategies

Found this on Scooterhelp -- turns out that you just can't crank down the handlebars of a classic scoot like you would a motorcycle.

From the ribbing I'm getting over on ADV, it appears that the scooter is light enough that a few strands of dental floss wrapped around the radio knob would secure it.

Stella found

My Stella is in Atlanta.

The best way to jinx this whole thing is to blog it, but I suppose if it fell through, that would be blogworthy, too.

Here it is, in all its tangerine glory:

It's a 2003 with 115 miles on the clock.

Included are an SIP pipe, 24/24G carb, and Pinasco 166 kit.

Another fellow ADVrider, Bueller, picked up his brand new shiny black Stella this week, and on the first day took it on his 100-mile daily commute to his Harley Davidson dealership. He said it did well, and that his cohorts at the shop loved it.

At this point I'm holding my breath. My dog-eared copy of the Scooterworks catalog is getting more dog-eared. I'm going through all that low-income angst: what if I need the money to cover unexpected bills? And despite that, I'm looking at little chrome bits for it.

The only downer is that the Zip must go. That little bike has turned out to be a rugged, dependable commuter, light tourer, and funmachine. I hope it finds a good home.