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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Raleigh Rumble 2005 - Saturday Report

Today was Day Two of the Top Up NC & Brit Iron Rebels' Raleigh Rumble 2005--a weekend of well-ridden Britbikes and Scooters getting the lavish, slobbering attention that they deserve. It was wonderful--the people were very friendly making a painfully shy person like myself feel very welcome.

My immediate impression of this bunch was that these people are the Real Deal. I've hung out with a lot of different motorcyclists, clubs, and informal gatherings, and there always seems to be a percentage of posers. Not so here. All the bikes had serious mileage on them. Even the really pristine ones weren't low-mile restoration bikes trotted out for shows.

The clothing was authentic, too--more Davida and Buco helmets than I've ever seen in one place before. Jeans, leather jackets, lace up boots--all of it well-worn, instead of looking like a would-be extra in a Stray Cats video.

Here are a few quick low-res shots of today's breakfast and gathering.

A big thanks to the members of The Incriminators SC of Chapel Hill, NC, for their hospitality to this n00b.