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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Raleigh on $1 gas a day

This was actually last weekend's ride, but I'm just now getting a chance to post things.

The day started out with a nice cross-town trek to a good IHOP breakfast.

Then we motored over to the State Fairground Flea Market, to join 3 billion other people in search of really cheap junk. First stop was the joint that sells leather jackets to the HD people. The lady there is really nice and if you snoop around you’ll find some nice stuff. But what really caught our eye were the patches available. GREAT! We’ll find something just right for the ADV scooter gang.

Note: there is no ADV scooter gang since there is no ADV Scooter Forum.

Oooo! This one is neato!

Wow! Such detail. I’m sure it took some Chinese 10 year old about 23 seconds to create this.

This is what happens when you run a bit too lean.

This one is setting up a Buddy Tow.

I can’t believe it’s not Buddha.

Over here you can let this guy draw a picture of your child for free.

We were having such a rollicking good time at this point looking at surplus Army clothing and overpriced Hummel knock-offs, that we almost didn’t hear the FWUMP of an elderly woman doing an endo onto the pavement. I helped drag her to her feet, and Skewt pulled a chair out from under a vendor (who didn’t want to offer the old lady the chair). The woman had apparently tripped over a dropcord stretched across an aisle. Why, O, why, hadn’t I pursued a career in litigation? I could OWN this flea market! Every last knick-knack! The poor woman had a good goose egg over one eye, her eyeglass frames had sliced open her cheek, and she had grown a 6th and 7th knuckle on one hand. After stitching up her wounds with the suture kit included in the Stella tool kit while asking her the square root of 7.34—dammit, why does everyone appear to be altered when I ask that questions?--I determined that she was my best shot at either being included in her lawsuit or her will, so we got security over there, which made them happy because they got to use the siren on the golf cart. Hell, no, I didn’t take pics. She was a mean little cuss. Maybe Stella needs to drop down a size on those needles.

Then again, maybe that wasn’t a suture kit.

Giddy from our experience with the bleeding old woman, we headed over to the Farmer’s Market, where I got a beer.

Hey, honey.

You sweet thing, you.

Here’s a high-centered Hoveround suffering from a lack of ground clearance. was toggling it back and forth, trying to get it off the speed bump. Just as I headed over there to give her a rescue shove, someone showed up. I honestly thought her relative in a Chevy pickup was going to try PUSHING her off the curb. “Just steer it, momma” But she was off and whirring towards produce in no time.

Then we found this gourd.

Fixed to reflect artistic vision.

So after watching granny get towed off the speedbump, we rode some more.

We went house shopping.

We liked it a lot, so we jimmied the door and tried some of the beer in the fridge. We might make an offer. We did another lap around the lake…

..and went home.