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Saturday, September 03, 2005


I can't string together the words to adequately express how I feel here on the blog. I've been going back and forth with my friends on ADVRider for a few days, and the general feeling is one of frustration. To write more will no doubt plunge me back into that frustration I felt there on ADV, which is my online home, a place where I've met friends but also a place where I get a chance to interact with a sizable cross-section of our country as well as riders from around the world. Right now I just want to withdraw a bit and try to figure out the mass of images and statements running around my head right now, the result of 24 hour news coverage and the shock of seeing people dying in front of our eyes.

As more positive news begins to emerge during the rescue, perhaps we'll be able to focus on that, but invevitably, finger-pointing and blame will once again be prominent. I wonder how this event will plant itself in the collective psyche of our country, and how politicised our directions will be as we move forward.

For now, I feel intese sorrow and pain for those who lost loved ones during the storm, or watched them die afterwards as they waited for help. I've turned off the TV, logged off ADVRider, sent donations, and prayed for the survivors and rescuers.