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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

first plug check - break-in update

This wasn't a proper plug chop--I just pulled the plug to get a look-see.

430 miles--about 315 miles on the Pinasco 177 kit, all but 5 of them by me. Idles well, no hiccups in acceleration, haven't gone for flat-out top speed. No hiccups at steady throttle other than the usual flat spot around 40.

If my 24G carb is stock (and I believe it is), according to SIP, and from what I know from the PO, the bike has the 120 air corrector, BE4 mixer, 110 main, and a 50/100 idle. That's the stock setup for a 24G, but the PO eased down to a 110 from a couple larger mains to be on the safe side.

I'm running a B8ES plug and altitude around here is 400-500 ASL.

Ran Bel-Ray semi-synthetic in the reservoir and about 1% in the tank up until last tank (didn't want to go too lean so I'm not adding any to the tank), and now I'm on just the Bel-Ray autolube. I plan on going to synthetic at next fillup.