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Monday, July 04, 2005

Stella it is

I cannot ignore the craving anymore.

Somewhere around 2am on Saturday morning I was cruising the scooter sites and lurking on Stellaspeed. Two new colors are coming out this summer--pink and blue.

So I emailed SCOMO at 2am and told them that I've given in to these desires and must own a Stella. Soon. Now. Like, as soon as the next client check comes in for some video I shot last week. Forget groceries, it's going towards the Stella.

Not more than 5 minutes goes by and Chris emails me a very nice detailed message back--yes, they're taking deposits on the blue Stellas.

With a chuckle I sent him a note of thanks, wondering what he was doing up so early in the morning.

I don't expect a dealership to be open 24/7, but I sure do appreciate the enthusiasm.

I'll most likely buy from SCOMO unless a used bike shows up locally. For some things the dealer support isn't a big thing, but since I'm buying a Stella out of the desire to own something more than just a scooter, having a home base that understands the scooter lifestyle and history is important to me. Just as experienced motorcyclists tire of the endless brand-bashing and posers, scooterists tire of being treated as second-class citizens at dealerships that have a few scoots stuffed into a corner somewhere.

See you soon, SCOMO.