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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Saturday ride

Another visit to the local Vespa dealer. The GM was quite enthusiastic, but they still can't tell the differences between the LX and PX series ("The LX doesn't have removable cowls" was the explanation I got). The GM was willing to cut me a good deal on a PX but wasn't sure exactly what the numbers would be. I suspect I wouldn't get out of there for less than $4K for a PX.

So we went and got a hotdog.

I've posted a question to the Stella gurus on Stellaspeedto find out what Stella owners think about the PX series. The biggest issue for me--next to price--is that the LML-built Stella has the 5-port (okay, bridged 3 port) motor and reed induction, with about a 1.5-2hp gain over the Vespa. For the $1200 or so price difference between the two, I could have a Stella with lots of chrome. Another thing I like about the Stella is the Bitubo gas shocks. Nice touch.

It's really looking like the Stella is going to get the nod. As much as I'd like to buy from a local dealer, the price difference is too great, given the performance issues, and I'm not getting that feeling that the dealership is going to be a nice hangout for scooter owners.

In a bit of irony, the little Zip...the test mule for our scooterlife experiment...has grown on me to the point where I almost don't want to get rid of it. It has performed admirably.