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Monday, July 11, 2005

IlMostro gets a Scoot

IlMostro--"Dave" to everyone else--sold me my Zip.

Dave and Linzi got two Vento Zips so they could ride in the True Grits mountain rally. In true ADVrider form, they pulled them out of the crate, put gas and oil in them, and then pinned the throttle for 100 miles alongside a few hundred other kindred souls propelled by 49 smoking cubic centimeters through the mountains.

When the joy of riding 38mph wore off, they parked them and eventually sold them. One had become recalcitrant and refused to start. Due to its reduced price, it came my way and became The Mighty Zip, Horsepower King of Raleigh. After coaxing it back to life with some TLC I found that the 100 mile flat-out "break-in" had done no harm. Matter of fact, I think it was good for the little beast, since it was destined to land in the hands of another ADVrider. We're not known for subtlety or being gentle on the twistgrip.

But IlMostro had been bitten. Granted, it was a tiny nip, a little mosquito bite, but it wasn't long before he started thinking about scoots again.

Now Dave and Linzi have gone over the edge.