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Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I took the Super 9 to Capitol Cycle in Raleigh, where we bought it. After a bit of fiddling, the bike *might've* become unrestricted.

If it *was* unrestricted--theoretically, since, as a moped, it has to stay under 30mph or risk attracting undue attention from the authorities--it would probably do 50-55 mph, with the ability to cruise 45mph without breaking a sweat and still maintaing outrageously good acceleration off the line. One of the techs (allegedly) saw an estimated 60mph downhill before redline.

Imagine that--55mph from a stock 50cc scooter, still in break-in stage.

The folks at Capitol were enthusiastic and extremely helpful, and let me watch while they worked on it. They haven't sold a ton of Super 9's but seemed quite excited about this one, and have several more on order. If you're in the market for one, give these guys a call. (919) 212-2112.