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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Stella lust strikes again

Feverish and without reason, a relentless drilling in my brain, an obsession that won't leave me alone, distracting me from work--Stella lust has taken hold of my brain and won't let go. Just seeing one at the right time and place planted that seed again, and I'm at the point where I'm ignoring the dealer network in NC and lookint at SCOMO in Virginia, a bonafide scooter joint.

I'm counting up the potential revenue from selling anything I have that's of value--my beloved '86 Honda Nighthawk S, my old friend the '91 Isuzu Trooper, and all kinds of little things around the house are hitting Ebay tonight--mostly motorcycling stuff. In $50 and $100 increments I'm selling off what I've got for a scooter.


This afternoon I'll swing by the new Vespa dealership in town to see what they've got. Perhaps I'll be swayed by something shiny there and whip out a checkbook while shouting "Ciao, baby! Rigatoni! Ferragamo!"

But I have a feeling I'll be aiming for a Stella.

The Super 9 will stay, of course. The Vento, as much as I love it, may have to go--but only to a good home.

More later.