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Friday, June 10, 2005

Rishi and the Dork

While I was poking around in the discount deodorant basket--it's not every day that Right Guard is on sale for .68--the kid behind the register kept sneaking out from behind the counter and staring out the front door at the sidewalk.

I figured he was looking at the Zip. I grinned and kept plundering through the anti perspirant pile. Most of the sticks were guy's flavors so they'd make me smell like a factory worker at the Old Spice plant, but hey: cheap is good and as long as I don't smell bad, it's okay.

After loading up with stuff that had names like SPORT ICE and COOL FRESH along with one pink one with a more feminine scent name (and smaller, I might add), I piled the loot on the counter where Rishi had just reappeared after another stolen glance at the Horsepower King, the R3i.

"Is that a moped?" he asked.

I have learned to avoid explaining that it is a scooter though the state recognizes it as a moped; what they are really asking is "if I bought one would I have to have tags and insurance?"

"Yes, it is."

Second question followed like clockwork:

"How fast will it go?"

Second answer followed like clockwork:

"About 40".

Note: had he looked anything like a law enforcement officer, I would've immediately dropped that by 25%. Oh, how we live on the edge to keep that extra 10mph.

Just in case Rishi was The Man, I added, "but I keep it around 30."

He added up the Right Guard. "Cool," he said, "but I think moped riders look like dorks."

I'm sure Rishi is a big hit with the ladies.

Without missing a beat, he continued. "You want to sell it? I'd like to buy it. It looks cool."

I smiled at him. "I might later, but for now I'm very happy with it."

We chatted for a momemt about the usual: gas mileage, errands, and so forth. Tossing my newfound treasure trove of Aluminum Chloride 12% under the seat I buzzed home, embracing my inner Dork.