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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Motorcycle salesman puts foot in mouth, gnaws on toes

Still dizzy from Stella lust, I make my way over to the newest Vespa dealership.

They are prettier in person than you can imagine, and the PX-150 is a jewel. My heart is pounding and I'm not only considering the PX over the Stella, but perhaps the purchase of a 200 series Vespa as well.

So we're checking out the new Vespas, and the one who has the checkbook--in other words, the one the dealership needs to cater to--wanders over to the other side of the dealership to talk to the sales staff.

The other half of the dealership is made up of high-end euro bikes. A nice combination--German, British, and the Italian Vespas. The dealership had just brought in new scooters, and two of the sales people seemed genuinely interested in them.

But not all of them. No, one of them was a total jerk.

Customer (commenting on Vespas): "Wow! These Vespas are GREAT! They're beautiful! When are you going to get one for yourself?"

Salesman (with wrinkled nose): "Never. You can't take them on the open road. Five minutes in a parking lot and you're bored with them."

Any bets on how many sales they're gonna lose with that guy on the floor? Did it ever cross his mind that the customer he was talking to had a checkbook in hand and was ready to buy the LX 200 as well as a PX150?

The search for a local Stella/Vespa dealership continues.