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Monday, June 20, 2005

It's a screamer

I used the alarm for the first time this weekend. This doesn't include the numerous times I've inadvertantly armed it by grabbing the keys the wrong way. I've learned use the switchblade-style key by holding it gently by the edges of the alarm control housing. This makes no sense to you unless you have this sort of alarm system--and if you do, you know EXACTLY what I mean.

We had just returned from yesterday's all-day ride--Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Jordan Lake--and decided to stop at a local bookstore with a large magazine collection to see if they carried TNG (Twist N Go), the British magazine devoted to automatic scoots.

Note - it was with no small bit of pride that we commented that even after 140 miles on the scoots, we were still in the mood to run errands on them.

I had my Dowco luggage on the back, and wasn't really concerned about it, until some strange guy walked up and started asking me some weird questions about the scoot--in-between strange gestures and talking to himself. Although he was terribly annoying, I figured he was mostly harmless but perhaps lacking in judgement and wouldn't hesitate to plunder through what was in the bag, so I set the alarm as I left to go inside.

About 10 minutes later, I heard the alarm go off, screech for a few seconds, then stop.

I stepped outside the door in time to see a the blur of a 7 year old boy running as fast as he could away from the scooter while his parents babbled at him and with him in a foreign language.

It was hard to keep from laughing. Apparently, he had gone over to look at the scoot as kids will do, and must've jostled it, which earned him a high-decible greeting from the Zip.