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Monday, June 13, 2005

The hook

Having blown through the experimental phase and into the fun phase, I wasn't too surprised to find out that we're also in the utility phase.

Today I had several errands to run downtown during a fairly stressful work day--a location to scout out, some audio/video cables to pick up, a last-minute expendables run, plus a few things from the grocery store. Without a second thought I took the scoot. Normally I'm of the mindset to not do anything different from my routine on a stressful day, but the scooter has become the go-to method of transportation lately.

I grabbed my messenger bag, tossed a hair brush in it along with the work stuff I needed, and headed out. The temps were near 90 but at 30mph it felt comfortable.

Parking was a breeze, as usual, at all locations. As always, downtown traffic is its forte so I played cat-and-mouse with traffic just to take some of the edge off the stress. With one stop near the legislature--where improper parking can earn your ride a trip to the impound--all I had to do was park it at the end of a row of cars, toss the lock in the front wheel, and I was done.

On the last leg of the journey, I noted with some amount of pride that the little Zip, with its bag hook on the leg cowl, was perfectly suited for all of it. One bag of groceries swung happily as I buzzed home, mission accomplished, for about a quarter's worth of gas...versus a ten dollar bill for the Jeep.

So, out of all the stuff I did today, one thing stuck in my mind: get a scoot with a hook on the leg cowl. Like Velcro and pop-top cans, it's a simple little thing that makes a world of difference.