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Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Hangout

Michael's in Chapel Hill is one of the best motorcycle hangouts in NC. It's a low-key place--no burnouts, no attitude, few if any poseurs--just real riders and every type of motorcycle imaginable. On Sunday mornings about 100-200 riders gather there for coffee and breakfast, a tradition that's at least a decade old. You can find just about any motorcycle ever made there, along with riders that have hundreds of thousands of miles of experience aboard them.

Usually we're on the BMW. Today we decided to show up on the scooters.

That takes confidence. Not just to ride the 45 or so miles there, but just to have the guts to hang out and say, "Yeah, that's my scooter. All 50 cc's of it."

The laughs were good-natured, and folks seemed genuinely interested in the bikes, though the Super 9 was easily the attention hog.

The ride was easy. By cutting across the countryside in western Wake county and eastern Chatham county, we were treated to horse farms and lakes. We returned home after 140 miles of easy riding through rural countryside and urban weekend traffic. No sweat.