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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Bike Routes - God's Gift to Scooterists.

I took the Zip on one of the more insane errands today--going from West Raleigh (near NCSU) across town to Capitol Blvd to visit the Sam Ash music store. Well, it would be insane if I hadn't already worked out the cross-town cut-throughs.

(For those of you who are local, it entails going downtown via Western, left on Ashe, across a bunch of streets that I can't remember but have been driving on for 20 years, then north on what turns into Atlantic, then across via Brentwood's suburban roads to Capitol)

But here's the hint of the century, as REM would put it: If you want to stay away from really crappy traffic, find your town or state's bicycle route map and study the bike routes that are on public roads (not the greenways). If you're crafty, you can link those routes to get all over your town as well as your county and state. The bike routes in the countryside are typically fairly scenic, and sometimes you'll find they have decent pavement on the right side of the white line (a plus when you get crammed over there by a snotty driver). After all, bicyclists are looking for many of the same things 50cc scooterists want--less high-speed traffic, decent pavement, some scenery, and so on--and the bike routes are created accordingly. They're easy to follow since they're well-marked.

BTW, as a way of thanking those bicyclists for their efforts to champion alternative transportation, if you come across a peloton on a Sunday ride, wave at'em as you ride by at a moderate (and quiet) pace, leaving them plenty of room. We've got more in common with them than you'd think.

(Yeah, I do a lot of bicycling.)