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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Weekend Update - a ride on the Super 9

The GS got more attention this weekend than the Zip, but some neat things happened anyway. Well, actually, the Zip got plenty of attention, but not by me.

Sunday morning Latte, Sunday evening stayed pretty busy.

First, the GS got its PIAA lights and lightbar installed. The wiring hasn't been done yet, but it's halfway there. Big thanks to Brad Vardy of TerraNova for making the lightbar happen.

The next cool thing that happened was a test ride on a Kymco Super 9, a liquid-cooled 49cc 2-stroke scoot that's the Porsche of the small scoot world, patterned after the euro scoots more commonly found on race tracks here and abroad, and a scoot that has earned its place in the hearts of hot-rodders. The local KTM dealership just got a few in, and were looking for an excuse to turn one into a demo, so I gave them that opportunity by picking the blue one over the orange one. Within a few minutes, it was ready to go.

They told me that they'd have to keep the transmission restrictor in to keep it moped-legal for the test ride, which would keep it below 30. So I hopped on, a bit bummed over the 30mph limit. Boy was this going to be boring, but ride on any bike is fine by me. So I whacked the throttle open in anticipation of the usual CVT lag, and found out in half a second that there IS no lag. Not much, anyway, in scooter terms. That little sucker is FAST. With less than one mile on the odometer and the tranny restrictor in place, it practically hoisted the front end with just a crack of the throttle, and zipped up to 45mph before it found the restrictor and the rev limiter at the same time. I figure 50 would be easy, de-restricted, and who knows how fast it would go? The dual disks let it stop on a dime and the suspension was pretty good; some break-in time would probably smooth it out even more. I didn't push the corners since the tires were new but if my Zip will carve on its 10" skinny Cheng Shin tires, the Super 9 will most likely stick like glue with its 120/12 and 130/12 shoes.

When I got back, the salesmen had lined up for their turn on the Super 9. I warned them--"there's no lag" and each one got on, whacked the throttle, and their heads snapped back like they had just taken a shot from Ali. Crack-Snap-Zing!

If you've had any doubts about a 49cc scoot's potential for capable commuter, give this one a ride. Absolutely NO problems zinging along with traffic--none of the curb-hugging BS for the mighty Super 9. It's a large-frame scoot--I could barely get both balls of my feet down. Perfect for all you folks who have looked at the small-frame scoots and laughed your ass off at the miniscule proportions.