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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Threatened by 49cc's?

So I'm walking back to the Zip after picking up drill bits at Home Depot. Why Home Depot and not Lowes? Because I could snake my way to Home Depot on back roads. Funny how your shopping choices adjust slightly.

Anyway, the Zip is sitting there, my helmet and jacket locked on it, looking like a shrunken sport bike. Next to it is a Mazda RX-8, idling. I pull my jacket and helmet off, toss the drill bits under the seat, and start to gear up. A man steps out of the Mazda and asks, "Is that thing REALLY turbocharged?"

I look over at him. "No, it's marketing and graphics on a 49cc two-stroke. You're safe."

I'm not sure if he was relieved (he sorta had that "I have a faster car than you" vibe going) or offended.

Next time I'll say, "Why, yes. Yes it is!"

From what I can tell so far, it takes no longer to ride the Zip to do my errands than it does a car. The only time suck so far is unlocking it for the first trip of the day and locking it up again at night. Same for locking the jacket/helmet to the scoot.

At night, it slips between two of our cars, still leaving room to get into either one. Locked and covered, it's fairly stealthy. I've been using the same technique for motorcycles for years since I haven't had a garage since the late 80's.

Parking is definately a strong suit, based on the scoot's tiny, "you gotta love me" presence. I believe that I could practically ride the scooter up and down the aisles of any store. So far there has been no resistance to me parking it right at the door of practically any store I've been to. I've stuck to the parking lots for the most part, but this thing is so non-threatening that I don't think people put up barriers to it.

A little over a week, and while the fun-factor is still there, the scoot is taking on a bit more of a workhorse feel to it than just a novelty. It's still fun to ride and I'm pushing its limits in the corners and having a blast while doing so, and my confidence level has come up quite a bit in terms of using it for day-to-day use--it's willing to work for a living.