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Monday, May 16, 2005


Today was Bank Day. Not that there's a regular bank run day, but it was the only errand I needed to run.

I pulled into a parking space next to an older woman who was clambering out of her Buick. As I pulled off my helmet, she walked up to me.

"Ooooooo!" she cooed. And I mean COOOED, as in baby talk. "Isn't that the cutest thing! It's PRECIOUS!"

"Why, yes it is," I replied. Yup. Precious. I suppose.

She asked what kind of gas mileage it got and I gave the standard "100 mpg" answer that all scooterists do unless they're with another scooterist and then the talk turns to exact top speed and mpg ratings plus a 10% or more fudge factor.

"Why, that would be nice for going shopping," she continued, still in that baby voice.

"Why, yes, It would be perfect for shopping," I replied, noting with some degree of horror that my voice started cooing just like hers. Egad, I had assumed a level of girly cuteness I had never acquired as a motorcyclist. If the woman had called my BMW GS cute I may have glared at her. If a guy had called my BMW cute I probably would've decked him.

I stood there for a moment and explained how easy it was to ride, how the underseat storage was great for shopping. I offered to let her sit on it but she politely declined, and waved happily at me as she walked off.

Amazing. Absolutely the most non-threatening motorized vehicle I've ever had.