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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Expenses so far

2004 Vento Zip $500
Expenses to get it home: $100
Oil, spark plugs, battery, etc. to get it running: $35

So $635 for a running scoot in very good condition and low miles (109) is a pretty good deal. I admit that it was quite a find, and the pricing was low because a friend cut me a lot of slack.

That's the GS in the foreground, dwarfing the Zip. But both arrived at the coffee shop at the same time.

I'm looking at insurance costs right now. They'll probably be less than $100 a year. I'm an MSF instructor so some places drop rates by quite a bit for MSF certification and some drop it even more for the instructors. Add in the tag fees and we'll probably see another $150 for this year, which will drop a bit in subsequent years. I'm tagging and insuring the bike not just for insurance purposes, or because it allows me to not worry about busting the 29mph restricted limit on scoots in NC, but because having the tag seems to me to send a signal to other drivers: this is a licensed vehicle...I belong here.

Fuel around here varies from $2.15 to $2.25 for regular unleaded. I haven't checked fuel mileage yet.

As for the "expenses to get it home"...I have GOT to post that story sometime. $100 was the Raleigh-Alpharetta-Raleigh leg of the journey but it was longer than that. The trip actually was a 1300 mile banzai run from Raleigh to Jacksonville, FL to deliver some tools for a friend who had his work truck and all his tools stolen. The riding community of pitched in to buy him tools; one rider donated his truck. I picked up the tools from a little community about an hour and half from where I live, and drove them the next day to Jacksonville FL. A few riders donated my fuel money to cover the trip. I covered the fuel expense portion that was Zip-related to keep things honest. You know, if it wasn't for the ADV forum members' generosity, 1) one of our members would be out of work and 2) I'd be stranded somewhere between here and FL.

Like I said, this is an experiment based on NEED. I need cheap transportation! I don't have enough money to pay attention, much less put $2.22 a gallon gas in the Jeep for routine errands. Why? Yes, I'm gainfully employed. But health insurance and related health expenses wipe me out every month.