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Monday, May 02, 2005

Day Zero - minus one

Why a Zip? Why a scooter at all? After all, I've been riding motorcycles for over 20 years. I'm an MSF instructor. I have a BMW R1150GS. I'm REALLY into motorcycling. Why buy a 49cc scooter?

Easy. Next to a bicycle, hiking boots, and public transportation, it's the ultimate in minimalist urban transport. It makes less and less sense as time goes by to fire up my Jeep to go 5 miles. I can do it on foot, or on my bicycle, but a scooter is a sane alternative that gets me where I want to go in the same time it takes me to take my 4-wheeled vehicle, consuming so much less fuel while doing so...and saving wear-and-tear on my high-mileage vehicles.

I guess I'll get into more details later. Maybe when I've written all I can about two-stroke oils and irate cagers.

But lets get right down to it. There IS a purpose here, a goal, a mission: use this scooter for 100% of my errand-running. Instead of Super-Size Me, I'm gonna Minimize Me. I'm gonna see if a real grown-up professional in an average urban/suburban environment can actually scooter their way to less dependence on foreign oil, as the pundits would put it. It's not so much a call to arms, but a how-to for anyone that wants to try this.


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