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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A day without scootin'... like a day without sunshine. Cliche' as hell but so appropriate. I had to work today and the Jeep was required. Thought I'd get to zip around (no pun intended) on the scoot afterwards on an unusually crisp, cool spring afternoon but no joy. Funny how you get addicted to it early on and look forward to riding. We're now seriously considering buying a second one. That'll happen when some money falls out of the sky.

Seriously, may be a while. Lesson #1 (I may as well start keeping track of these since this is a "how to" site): if you have a significant other or best friend in your household and only one scoot, you may as well budget for two from the very beginning. It's more fun for both to ride together than one to come back and say "wow, I had a great time...I saw this and that and railed that great corner down the street" and all you can do is nod glumly. Great. Sounds like fun. I sat here on my ass and blogged while you played hooligan.

So, let's be concise, dear reader.

Lesson #1: Everyone needs their own scooter. If in a household of multiple scooterists, where people = P and scooters = S, under optimal conditions P = S.
P > S is clearly suboptimal. P < S is nirvana, especially if there are scoots of varied displacements. I'm beginning to think that P = 2S is about right, with one being a Stella and the other being a tricked out 49cc scoot like an Italjet Dragster or the new CPI GTR50 or a Ruckus.

Oh, one interesting thing. The local Suzuki dealership had a beat to hell 2002 Yamaha Zuma for sale. Over 14,000 miles on the poor bastard, scarred all to hell and looking like it had travelled every one of those miles through Bosnia and Baghdad. I asked one of the salesmen what they were asking and without blinking (and straight-faced) he replied "$1,450." Bear in mind that you can get primo used Zumas for $1500 and pristine ones for $1700. Same dealer is selling the UM X-peed for $1950. The Vento Triton--same basic scoot with better details--is less than $1500 shipped to your door. I don't know what those guys are smoking but I wish they'd share some of it.


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